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A community for the requesting and sharing of screencaps and stills of period drama/fantasy films for graphics or costume making use.

Mod ~ lauralorien

Please leave a post detailing the particulars of your request and as much information as you can give. If it for costume research, detail which character/scene/costume you would like caps/stills of. Try to be as specific as possible.

Please leave a post giving details as well as link to images. Any teaser pictures should be placed behind a cut. All shared pictures etc will be placed in the memories. If filling in a request, leave it as a new post.

+ No hotlinking. Save images to your own server.
+ Give credit. Leave a comment to the sharer if you are using their pictures.

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Please send an email to greenfairy @pixigirl.nu (minus space) giving a link to your site/community and we'll add you to this page.

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