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Graphics & Screencaps post

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01 - 19:
20 - 29: A Royal Affair
30 - 45: Far from the madding crowd (2015)
46 - 52: Ekaterina (2014) [russian series about Catherine the Great: trailer here, episodes with english subs here, screencaps of the episodes here] starring Marina Aleksandrova as Catherine the Great
53 - 56: Outlander

icons & graphics HERE @ sns_red_curtain


Screencaps of the upcoming russian miniseries Catherine the Great [trailer] starring Yuliya Snigir as Catherine the Great.

1 ] Do not repost without permission.
2 ] Do not claim as your own, I recognise my own screencaps.
3 ] Credit sns_red_curtain if taken, so others can find the screencaps
4 ] Please comment for password

screencaps HERE @ sns_red_curtainsns_red_curtain
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